The Cat Butler is a premier cat sitting service

We offer our customers freedom, confidence and peace of mind – and the first visit is free (valued at $38).

Please see Terms & Conditions.

We offer cats friendship and fuss (and lots of cuddles if they’re so inclined).

Select the service that best suits you or talk to us about a tailored package.

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There are two key services, Essential and Essential Plus. You are able to have a combination of these two visits over the butler period to suit your cat minding needs.
There is also a visit option available for Cats who live outside and a tailored visit option that you can discuss with The Cat Butler. In this instance The Cat Butler will provide a tailored quote based on your specific needs.


  • Wash bowls and replenish all food and water
  • Tidy and replenish litter
  • Brush and/or comb kitty cats if they love it and you have requested it
  • Fuss, play and socialise with your cat/s
  • Send digital updates with photos to either your mobile phone or email
  • Bring in the mail and delivered newspapers when delivered to premises
  • Feed fish if you have them
  • Provide lots of re-assuring love and cuddles to the kitties!
Essential service $38 per visit
All Public Holidays $58 per visit
Twice daily essential service $75 per day
Twice daily essential service with medication $83 per day


  • All Essential visit work and including the following:
  • Completely clean out, wash and replenish litter tray (Please see additional charges for more than one tray).
  • Provide supervised visits outside with the cat/s if required
  • Measure out food/quantities per your instructions
  • Put out the garbage bins and bring empty bins in the next visit
  • Water indoor and/or outdoor plants and herbs
  • A quick tidy and primp of your home e.g. vacuum up fur and wipe down surfaces on last visit
Essential plus service $48 per visit


    A per visit rate applies only to owners who have cats that live outside, who have no litter or medical requirements and where The Cat Butler does not need to obtain a key to enter the property or house.

    Cats are always greeted, fed and their water bowls are wash and refilled. A digital update with photos is sent to either your mobile phone or email.



    The only public holiday The Cat Butler doesn’t work on is Christmas Day.

    We work on the following Public holidays: Australia Day, Labour Day, ANZAC Day, Queens Birthday, Easter holidays, Melbourne Grand Final Day, Melbourne Cup Day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

    Please note that during the December/New Year period of 10 December to 12 January, only an Essential service will be provided and only one visit will be made on all public holidays.

    • Caring for other pets: Birds – providing fresh water, cleaning out seed and refilling containers / Fish – cleaning filters and or glass of fish tanks.
    • Cleaning up: Ants – cleaning up excessive ants, contaminated food containers and refilling / Fleas – managing any flea infestations. (The client will be informed
    • of exactly what was undertaken and the time taken to manage it. Photo evidence, particularly of ants and fleas will be messaged to clients).
    • General and/or emergency visits to the vet.
    • Collection of parcels from an Australia Post outlet at the request of the client or if the parcel is due to be returned if not collected.
    • Completely clean out, wash and replenish litter trays – If there is more than one litter tray to clean, each additional tray incurs a charge.
    • Administering medication to the cat/s – Please discuss your specific requirements with The Cat Butler.
    • Washing any soiled bedding, including waiting while the cycle is completed and hanging out or airing the items.
    • Key return – If a key cannot be left on the premises at the final visit a key return charge will be added to your booking. The fee will not be charged If the key is NOT left by The Cat Butler on the premises as requested by the client.

    Tailored combination of essential and essential plus, twice-daily and every 2nd day visits available. Tailored quotes are common so please phone The Cat Butler to discuss your cat sitting and cat minding requirements. We will be more than happy to discuss your feline’s cat minding needs and provide you with the puuurfect cat sitting package that will make your cats visit a very happy and memorable one.



    • For bookings shorter than 7 days, full payment is required upon your return
    • For bookings longer than 7 days a 50% payment is required up front with the remainder payable upon your return
    • Christmas and NY bookings are required to be paid in full prior to the butler period commencing


    • Made 24hrs prior to a less than 7 day booking, we charge the first visits fee and a return key fee. The remainder of the fee if paid up front will be refunded in full
    • Made 24hrs prior to a greater than 7 day booking, we will retain the 50% payment already made and charge a return key fee
    • Made by 1 December for Christmas and NY bookings 30% of the full fee applies and a return key fee
    • Made during a commenced cat butler booking (e.g. the owners must return home unexpectedly) the full fee will be charged and a return key fee will apply