About The Cat Butler

The Cat Butler is the professional cat visiting service you call on when you’re away from home. Everyone who owns and loves a cat knows they don’t appreciate changes to their territory or routine, so now you can relax about not needing to take them somewhere else.

The Cat Butler visits your cat daily at home. We feed them, ensure they have fresh water and their litter tray is clean. Of course there’s lots of brushing and cuddles if your cat enjoys the contact. Any necessary medications can be administered and extra services (such as watering indoor plants) carried out if necessary. The cats quickly adapt to the visits as all their needs are lovingly met.

The Cat Butler has a range of services that can include extra duties, like watering your plants and collecting your mail. Enjoy your break with real peace of mind, knowing The Cat Butler is caring for your precious cat (or cats) in the comfort of their home.


The Cat Butler founder Helen Murray’s own cat Geordie, inspired the creation of The Cat Butler, 10 years ago.

When she was away, Helen wanted her cat to remain relaxed and cared for at home, and imagined other cat owners would feel the same. Since then, the team of loving and committed Cat Butlers has cared for hundreds of cats across Melbourne, providing a unique and valuable service.