Frequently Asked Questions

How do we exchange keys?

We agree on a date and time to meet at your premises and this is when we exchange keys and confirm your requirements. This is also when we’ll present our insurance, police check and drivers license.

How will you keep in-touch with me?

We stay touch through your preferred form of daily communication. That might be SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook – whatever platform you nominate.

Can you collect our mail while we’re away?

Yes, we’re very happy to collect your mail as long as it is delivered to the premises. A fee applies to collect mail from the post office.

How long do you visit?

The minimum visit is 30 minutes.

What about cancellations?

Please review our cancellation policies here (Link to drop down cancellation fees)

Do you look after dogs too?

Sadly no. Our focus is on our feline friends. We’re happy to recommend some wonderful dog minders.