I’m more than a cat sitter, I’m The Cat Butler. At your service.

Hello I’m Helen. I’m the founder of The Cat Butler and for nearly 10 years I’ve been caring for cats in their own home, and loving every minute of it x

I love all animals but especially cats. They’re so intelligent, funny, loving and wise. They’ve taught me to be in the moment, to be calm and I want them to always feel relaxed and happy, and I want the same for my valued clients when they are away or just unable to care for them for the time being.

I started The Cat Butler because I wanted our cat to be able to stay at home when we went away, and I imagined other cat owners would feel the same. I was right. I have many loyal customers whose cats I care for in their home. It’s the most natural, nurturing service for felines, which is why I’ve cared for hundreds of cats – and plan to continue to do so with my team over the coming years.

I believe The Cat Butler is successful because it gives cat owners freedom and confidence when they’re away, and peace of mind that their beloved cat is receiving personalised care. Put simply, my service is built on love and trust, and my customers are loyal in return.