Helen Murray

Helen established The Cat Butler in 2011, caring for cats in their own homes so they never needed to leave the comfort of the place they’d made their own.

“Cat’s like their homes, their comforts, their hiding spots and the smells that make it their place. They’re intelligent, funny, loving and present. They continue to teach me to live in the moment, to be calm and I always want them to feel completely at ease to carry on as normal; where I’ve been of no interruption to them at all.”

Helen wants The Cat Butlers to provide the same peace of mind to our valued clients when they’re away from their cats.

“We have many loyal customers because we provide a natural, nurturing and genuinely caring service to them and to their beloved felines and we work to give owners a feeling of peace, freedom and confidence to be away, knowing their beloved cat or cats are receiving personalised care.”


Opening a door to a chatty miaow or purr and being shown around, often to the food bowl, is one of the many reasons being a local cat butler is so special to Marissa.

Known to have cats seek her out in any house, suburb or country, they seem to sense I’m a cat lover instantly.

“One of my ultimate amazing cat moments was watching Cheetah cubs play & purr next to me in Kenya; listen to your cat purr, turn the volume up ten times: a truly unforgettable moment.”

Having looked after my own elderly cats I understand all ages from active play to gentle pats. I can’t wait to meet more of my cat community soon.


Since very young, Lindi has felt something of a cat whisperer. She’s always felt respectful and loving towards cats, including her own.  

“Cat’s are precious and I’ve always understood that. This is why being a Cat Butler is the perfect role for me.”

Now based in Adelaide, Lindi was a Cat Butler client for over 6 years before joining the team. She appreciated the comfort and confidence The Cat Butler service gave her and is delighted to be in a position to offer this peace of mind to others.

“ I love allowing a cat’s personality to flourish in their own home. I know they are happiest where they have their favourite, familiar toys, food and way of life.”  


I love being a Cat Butler! It’s a pretty special job. From the simple act of just being able to assist others, to the gorgeous cats themselves. They never cease to amaze me. Enjoyment and happiness follow them wherever they go! They have an infectious energy. I love their curious natures, their sense of knowing, and mystery, their instincts and their poise, each with their own unique attitude. They’re cute, funny, yet serious, with a reassuring calming presence.   Cats seem to have a way of bringing people together, anchoring us back down to earth on a shared equal grounding.

“They’re such an important member of the family and an irreplaceable and priceless part of our homes.”

It’s a rewarding job with so much variety. It has a sense of purpose and community about it where I feel I can have an impact, big or small, and in a very real way.


My love affair with cats started nearly 20 years ago when I met my wife, who comes from a family of avid cat lovers. Fast forward to today and we are living with our rather cheeky, bossy and very vocal 17 year old cat Fuzz (Miss Fizz).

I love working with cats and getting to know each of their own unique personalities and how best to interact with each one, whether it be spending some time playing with a favourite toy, or simply having a quiet moment together enjoying each others company.

“As a cat owner myself, I understand how important it is that our cats feel as comfortable and as safe as possible whilst we are away and being a part of The Cat Butler team allows me to provide this reassurance to other feline owners.”


I admit to being a crazy cat lady from the age of 7 when I rounded up the neighbourhood strays and wound up looking after 20 cats. I currently have no pet pussycats but I’m never too far from their company. Being a Cat Butler has satisfied that desire for feline affection as well as allowing me to appreciate their distinct personalities. Cats rule!

“Cats are such curious creatures and I love observing their behaviour and adapting to their unique characters.”

Knowing when to lavish them with attention and when to give them their space comes with years of hanging out with many of my own pet kitties like Pushka, Monkey, Kimba, Mr Rowl and Jacques. Like I said, cats rule and I am but their humble servant.


Having loved and owned cats all my life, it feels completely natural that I found my way to caring for cats. Being a Cat Butler feels like helping out a dear friend. I get so much joy out of helping people and visiting their cherished cats.

“It’s an honour to care for clients’ cats in their home and I do all I can to ensure the cats feel safe and loved when their owners can’t be there.”

Marcelle Cameron

Marcie is full-time Cat Butler and constant companion to Aki, her 10 year-old rescue cat. She is an animal lover, with a genuine connection to and special affinity with cats.

“I love working out their personalities and quirks, gaining their trust and I find interacting with them so soothing and often humorous”

Marcie worked as a nanny for over 10 years, becoming an important and trusted part of family life for several families. She feels becoming a Cat Butler is a natural fit.

“My experience has proved the vast majority of cats are happier, healthier and more comfortable in their home environments. I enjoy giving them the love and attention they need, while their owners are away.”

Andy Kirby

Andy and his wife Melissa and their cat Max have been Cat Butler clients for many years and Andy jumped at the chance to join the team. He loves cats and recognises each has their own personality. Believing a cat’s outlook on life is to be admired, Andy is committed to their care.

“ I appreciate that our services give cat owners the opportunity to travel and experience some fantastic places while knowing their furry family members are being well looked after at home.”