Helen Murray

Helen is the founder of The Cat Butler and for nearly 10 years has cared for cats in their own homes. She is a cat lover and appreciates every aspect of their personalities.

“Cats are so intelligent, funny, loving and wise. They’ve taught me to be in the moment, to be calm and I want them to always feel relaxed and happy.”

Helen wants to offer the same peace of mind to her valued clients when they are spending time away from their cats. She has many loyal customers and provides a natural, nurturing service for their treasured felines.

“I believe The Cat Butler is successful because it gives cat owners freedom and confidence when they’re away, knowing their beloved cat is receiving personalised care.”

Helen has built her service on love and trust and believes her clients return the loyalty.

Andy Kirby

Andy and his wife Melissa and their cat Max have been Cat Butler clients for many years and Andy jumped at the chance to join the team. He loves cats and recognises each has their own personality. Believing a cat’s outlook on life is to be admired, Andy is committed to their care.

“ I appreciate that our services give cat owners the opportunity to travel and experience some fantastic places while knowing their furry family members are being well looked after at home.”

Marcelle Cameron

Marcie is full-time Cat Butler and constant companion to Aki, her 10 year-old rescue cat. She is an animal lover, with a genuine connection to and special affinity with cats.

“I love working out their personalities and quirks, gaining their trust and I find interacting with them so soothing and often humorous”

Marcie worked as a nanny for over 10 years, becoming an important and trusted part of family life for several families. She feels becoming a Cat Butler is a natural fit.

“My experience has proved the vast majority of cats are happier, healthier and more comfortable in their home environments. I enjoy giving them the love and attention they need, while their owners are away.”

Lindi Jane Hunter

Since very young, Lindi has felt something of a cat whisperer. She’s always felt respectful and loving towards cats, including her own.  

“Cat’s are precious and I’ve always understood that. This is why being a Cat Butler is the perfect role for me.”

Now based in Adelaide, Lindi was a Cat Butler client for over 6 years before joining the team. She appreciated the comfort and confidence The Cat Butler service gave her and is delighted to be in a position to offer this peace of mind to others.

“ I love allowing a cat’s personality to flourish in their own home. I know they are happiest where they have their favourite, familiar toys, food and way of life.”