The Cat Butler has two major visiting services, Essential and Essential Plus.

You can also design a combination of all listed services to fully meet your requirements.

The prices cover up to three cats in the home.  

single visit per day
$52 Monday to Sunday

  • Wash bowls and replenish all food and water
  • Tidy and replace litter
  • Brush and/or comb your cat (if desired)
  • Play, comfort and socialise with your cat
  • Bring in mail and any delivered items
  • Feed birds and fish if required
  • Send digital updates with photos to your preferred platform.

Twice Daily
$95 Monday to Sunday

Only an essential service will be provided Twice Daily.

Public Holidays
$86 single visit per day

Only an essential service will be provided on Public Holidays.

Essential Plus
single visit per day
$62 Monday to Sunday

Includes all Essential services, Plus a few more things that can be done.

  • All essential services (see Essential)
  • Completely clean out and wash litter tray. Replace litter
  • (Please note additional charges for more than one tray)
  • Provide supervised visits for your cat outside
  • Measure out food/quantities per your instructions
  • Put out garbage bins and bring empty bins in
  • Water indoor and/or outdoor plants and herbs
  • A quick tidy of your home e.g. vacuum up fur and wipe down surfaces.

Outside Service
$25 per visit

This service is designed for cats that live outside. Cats are always greeted, fed and their water bowl is washed and refilled. A digital update with photos is sent to your mobile phone or email.

Experienced Medical Service

Helen has ten years experience administering medications including insulin, fluids and tablets. Please discuss your cats specific needs with Helen and she will develop a care solution with you. (please see Additional Charges under Services)

Tailor Your Service

You might prefer more than one daily visit or perhaps every second day will be

enough. Talk to us about your specific needs. A combination of services can be arranged depending on the amount of time you’re away and your cat’s particular requirements.  


  • A cat carry cage must be made available
  • All cats must have up-to-date immunisation and be free of fleas.

Contact Us

For more information on everything The Cat Butler can provide, or to discuss tailoring a solution to suit your needs, please contact us.

Additional Information

Are charged at $86 per visit

Australia Day, Labour Day, ANZAC Day, Queens Birthday, Melbourne Cup Day, Easter holidays, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Please note: Only one daily visit is possible on public holidays.

All Public Holidays and from 15 December to 15 January, only the Essential Service is available.

  • Completely clean out, wash and replenish litter trays. If there is more than one litter tray, there will be an additional charge for each extra tray.
  • Administering medication. Please discuss your specific requirements with Helen.
  • Washing any soiled bedding, waiting while the cycle is completed and hanging out or airing the item/s.
  • Caring for other pets, e.g. birds and fish. We provide fresh water, clean out and refill seed containers. We will also feed fish and clean fish tank filters.
  • Managing ants and flea infestations. You will be informed about exactly what was involved and the time it took to manage it. Photographic evidence will be messaged to you.
  • General and/or emergency visits to the vet.
  • Collection of parcels from an Australia Post outlet, whether the parcel is due to be returned or collected.
  • Key return. If a key cannot be left on the premises during the final visit, a key return charge will be added to your booking. Keys can be returned in person or via a Toll overnight envelope.

All clients will be invoiced.

For bookings shorter than 7 days, full payment is required upon your return.

For bookings longer than 7 days a 50% payment is required up front and the remainder payable upon your return.

We require Christmas and New Year bookings to be paid in full prior to commencement of the Cat Butler period.

No cancellation fees apply if clients are forced to isolate due to Covid-19.

No cancellation fee if a booking is cancelled 14 days before commencement.

Bookings less than 7 days, and cancelled 24hrs before the first visit commences, will be charged the first visit’s fee and the key will be returned asap.

Bookings greater than 7 days and cancelled 24hrs before the first visit commences will be charged the first two visits. The key will be returned asap.

Bookings cancelled between 15 December – 10 January will forfeit all monies paid. The key will be returned asap.

Bookings that have commenced and are then cancelled, will be charged the full booking fee. The key will be returned asap.