Sometimes I get into predicaments…

Sometimes I get into predicaments…

Mecho is a gorgeous Maine Coon, incredibly cheeky, deliciously loveable and highly capable of almost anything!

He’s fast, strong, nimble and unafraid.

He loves to run at full speed from the front door to the back door. It’s a sight to see.

He loves to be outside for hours, sometimes entire days.

It can be terribly hard to contain Mecho in his lovely surroundings; he has been known to end up inside the neighbour’s house, taunting their cat and sitting in their upstairs window, looking out at the world!

I think you’re getting the picture; sometimes even netting can’t keep him in.
That’s another story!

It’s the Christmas holiday season, I’m fully booked and I’m visiting Mecho mornings and afternoons.

Because of Mechos desire to be outside in the neighbourhood I have to pay particular attention to his being exactly at the doors opening when I arrive.
A section of the front door is frosted glass, so on this particular morning; I can see him, waiting.

I’m prepared and as I open the door, he moves back and starts his run walk to the lounge room, stretching and waking up his legs as he moves down the hallway; he’s terribly cute.

He keeps his eyes on me as he starts his ritual of flopping onto his side and gently fanning his paw over his eye, never taking his eyes from mine.
He accepts loads of pats and bounces up and trots to the backdoor.

He can barely contain his excitement as I open the door and he bursts out into the garden; true cat happiness.

I go about my work, washing his bowls, putting out fresh water and food and tidying his litter.
He runs in and out throughout this time and then trots in to have some breakfast.

He watches me between mouthfuls because if I appear to be going in any direction that’s close to either door, he stops eating and charges in front of me. He’s worried that I’m either going to close the backdoor or wondering if I’m going out the front.

So I’ve learnt to sit on the bottom step of the staircase and wait and watch while he eats.
The moment he’s had enough he charges out the backdoor again.

We play outside with him jumping and chasing; not great that he’s just eaten but Mecho calls the shots and I comply.

It’s a glorious, blue sky, quickly warming, summer day and Mecho wants out into the neighbourhood.
I’m able to leave the cat flap open during the day so he can come in and out from the backyard.

I plan my departure.
I know the moment I lock the backdoor, he’ll jump through the cat flap and charge to the front door.

I devise a plan to play with him a little more until he’s more tired. He’s resting, so I lock the backdoor and quickly dash to the front before he gets wind of what I’m doing.

As expected, Mecho comes through his cat flap, charging after me down the long hallway, through the lounge room, to the front door.

I get there in time, opened the door, get out and close it behind me.

Mecho pulled up quickly and I could see the disappointment on this little furry face.

I said to him through the frosted glass, “you didn’t expect that, did you”!

Within seconds, my smart arse thrill became a big long NOOOOOO!

In my haste to beat Mecho to the door… I’d left the front door key on the hallway table!!!!!

I had visions of Mecho giggling at me, at my stupidity. Visions of him saying…you’re not so smart now, are you!

I contacted my client. Was there any spare key anywhere, a neighbour perhaps? No
Where are you, I’ll drive anywhere!

My client replied…well there might be a chance we left the lounge room window unlocked. It’s a bit narrow to get down there (between two houses) you’d need to do a bit of manoeuvring but that could work!

So with Mecho watching me first through a bedroom window and then darting into the lounge room, I shimmied down the side of the house, removing cobwebs from my face.

Mecho then sat back on the lounge.
Picture a cat, kicking back with the fish tank on and a big bowl of kibble! He watched as I worked the window up and open, all the while keeping an eye on him.

I got in and by this time, Mecho was so pooped and not all interested in chasing me.
I was able to leave normally and continue my day…all be it, bloody hot, tired and well behind on my visits x

Sometimes I get into predicaments of my own making!