Welcome to your StayCATion. Your weird and wonderful holiday at home! Where you get to spend oodles of time with your dear, furry, family members.

Here is my quick seven-step suggestion guide to staying sane, managing your work and keeping yourself together:

1. Plan out your seven day week

On an A4 piece of paper, write down the days of the week down one side, leaving at least 5-6 lines between each day. Then write down what time you’re getting up each day, when are you doing your meditation, what are you eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner, when are you exercising and what does that consist of? What time are you starting work, when are you taking your breaks, when is your down time, when will you go shopping for groceries and when are you doing your chores around the house.

Save a photo of your schedule to your phone and keep it with you, ticking off each accomplished task throughout each day. When you plan out your week in advance, even loosely planned, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and you’ll feel focussed and you’ll want to test it out and see if it’s working for you.

Ask yourself – Am I doing too much or not enough? Did I want to work out in the am, middle of the day or pm? Find out what structure suits you? Adjust your plan weekly and repeat, week after week until you find YOUR groove.

My sister lives in Brisbane and I’m in Melbourne and we’ve decided to go for walks with each other every couple of days. We pop in our headphones and chat as we get our exercise. It’s motivational for both of us and it’s fun.

And just on exercise, my favourite pilates studio ‘Empathy Pilates’ now offer online classes and there’s plenty of gyms and yoga instructors offering online classes now; it’s wonderful and it’s a lovely way to support small business too.

2. Be self-disciplined

Surviving stayCATion is about finding your inner will and creating and achieving ‘a new normal’ for the time being. For many / most, this time is confusing, emotionally overwhelming and isolating. Protect your mental health by building your self-discipline, improve your energy and create a work ethic to figure shit out. A ‘keep going no matter what’ attitude could be the drive you need to get through this time positively and come out the other side with very strong self-discipline.

I have days where I don’t always get it together – and that’s ok. But the next day I start all over again and each day I get better and better at achieving my tasks.

3. Limit TV and Social Media viewing

Television news and social media are the instigators of overwhelm, all the time and especially now! When all of this started I made a conscience decision to only watch our Premier and Prime Minister speak, only watch ABC or SBS news and view social media in the evenings.
This decision has allowed me to focus on my weekly plan and continually improve my self-discipline.

In my down time I’ve started reading books I’ve have next to my bed for ages!; Bolder Life Lessons from people older & wiser than you by Dominique Afacan & Helen Cathcart, Yellow & Black by Konrad Marshall, and Recovery Freedom from our addictions by Russell Brand to name three of the six sitting there. I listen to and watch some podcasts and I’ve been sketching some changes and thinking of new plantings for my Mums garden.

4. Check-in with family and friends

A wise bear once said – ‘a friend is someone who helps you up when you’re down and if they can’t, they lay down beside you and listen’. We may not be able to physically get together with our friends or family members but we can focus on keeping each other up – and that means connecting with loved-ones. Programs like Skype, Zoom & Facetime make it easy to have a virtual coffee and stay connected with family and friends, here and dotted around the globe.

5. Business focus

We have all had to adapt very quickly to this substantial environmental change, physically, personally and professionally. Small business and service-based industries are facing massive challenges. We can choose to look at how this time is negatively impacting us OR shift our focus on how we can evolve from this. This is an extraordinary time and one that is offering each and every one of us a chance to take a good look at the lives we lead and if what, when and how we’re doing things, really is giving us our best life.

I’m choosing to focus on doing everything I can to make sure my business is ready to mobilise. When people can travel further than their supermarket, pharmacy or a local park, to local peninsulas, regional towns and interstate again, we will be ready to go and ready to care for their cats!
This time at home has given me time to reflect on how to improve my systems, processes and my service and plan for the future. As a business owner, it can be quite tricky to find that time when you’re working so hard, so I’m making the most of it and getting ready!

6. Have a laugh

They say ‘laughter is the best medicine’, and boy, do I love to laugh! I find the simple things our cat does very funny and when he’s sleeping and I’m taking a break, I like to watch a comedy like Dumb & Dumber, Fun with Dick & Jane or anything with Jim Carrey in it. I am also loving the Seinfeld reruns and I’m always seeking out a good giggle! Animals being funny on YouTube and my partner Scott cracking a joke are all up there as some of my best medicines!

7. Catch some zzz’s

It’s hard to believe, here in April, that up until February, we had so many bookings; we were run off our feet. There was barely time to squeeze in breakfast before setting off early to start our morning feeds.

Our own cat gets me up anywhere between 5.30-6.30am each morning. I often tell my clients I haven’t had a decent sleep in, in over 15 years!

Right now I’m able to go back to bed and have a few more hours; it’s been lovely.

But I remember – sleep promotes sleep, and our current environment can promote it all too well.

Aim to get more sleep but also aim to stick to a time to get up, exercise, meditate, shower and get dressed like you’re heading out and start your day!

Working on these seven steps will, at the end of all of this, help you to be more mentally strong, fitter, more alert, you would have achieved so much and you may even have found a new normal that really suits YOU. When this is all over, we’ll be thankful for our new skills and zest for life.

We’d love to hear about what’s helping you stay on track during your stayCATion? And if your kitty/s is up to some funny things – make our day by sharing them to our social media pages Facebook or Instagram